Solar Plexus

by Slomind

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Stoner Vibrations
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Stoner Vibrations It's not often that I'll come across a stoner/sludge band on bandcamp that is as well mixed as Slomind, packing monstrous catchy hooks, a stellar sludge vocalist while simultaneously not garnering much deserved attention. You've got my money, Slomind. Favorite track: 06 Thru The Eyes of God.
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FDJ Solar Plexus....aptly named album as that is where Slomind hit you with their southern edged stoner metal mayhem. Super bong/whiskey scarred vocals rip across strong gnarly riffage while the bottom end is held up by some superb bass and drums from the engine room.
Kicking! Favorite track: 01 Scary Operator.
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Bucky Seriously guys..... Come on. This shreds apart most albums I've listened to all year long including over 900 albums. Aleph Null status with its own signature, and I had to pay for it. Lets see some more faces on this page! Favorite track: 06 Thru The Eyes of God.
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It’s happening - the Debut Album of the Heavy Fuzz Rockers from Duesseldorf, Germany is at the ready! After the EP "Grown Against The Grain" (Release October 2013) earned much respect in the scene and has been heaped praise in many places, the expectations on the first longplaying record were fueled quite rightly!

"Solar Plexus" will be let loose one year later on October 10th 2014 to the hungry Stoner / Fuzz / Rock/ Metal dudes and will not only accept new challenges, but is also an extension of what was already treasured on the musically mix! The fleet-footed association of heavy grooves, impulsive riffs and hooklines on one hand, and partly mantra-like songs and epic arrangements on the other hand is still the foundation of the Slomind-Sound! But this time all songs were composed with a singer from the beginning on what gives every single track a more consistent general view and caters for more balance. Everything is flawless, originated visceral and with the free, unforced consciousness to not abide by conventional structures. Old systems collapse and give way for something new!

Especially to the end of the album you’ll find some perfect examples of that in terms of the sprawling acoustic song “A Perfect High”, as well on the 8:30 min. title track “Solar Plexus”! The opener “Scary Operator” and the video output “A Twisted Fantasy” however are characterized more offensive and show SLOMIND from their catchy and even “danceable” side!

Even due to this supposed musically contrasts it’s harmony that’s predominating! And this is also one of the lyrical themes which you’ll find in the whole concept of Solar Plexus! But before harmony can be found it’s necessary to find your own demons and destroy them to be entirely free in the end!

"we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.”

"Free your soul, find reality!"


released October 10, 2014



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Slomind Dusseldorf, Germany


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